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The Story

ChipDrop was founded by Bryan Kappa, in Portland, OR. It has been operating since January 2014, and has facilitated over 120,000 drops across North America, the UK and Australia.

ChipDrop helps homeowners and gardners by giving them access to inexpensive mulch they can use to landscape their yard and improve the health of their gardens.

ChipDrop helps arborists by giving them access to hundreds of nearby places to empty their dump trucks, saving them time, fuel expenses, and dumping fees.

ChipDrop is a Green Company

  • by keeping 384,195 tons of wood waste out of landfills
  • by reducing the distance arborists drive by 444,225 miles
  • by giving gardeners access to 1.2 million yards of affordable, locally sourced mulch
  • by helping homeowners save 1 million gallons of water per day in their yards, a total of 744 million gallons since 2014

Is ChipDrop in your area?

ChipDrop is available in most major cities in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. We have more coverage in some cities than in others. The best way to find out if ChipDrop is active in your city is by creating an account and checking out the map.

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