For Arborists


Find cheap, local places to dump your wood chips and logs using our map.

ChipDrop costs $20 per drop, and there's no subscription or monthly fee. We also have a selection of free sites to drop at if you don't want to pay.

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Benefits of using ChipDrop:

  • Reduce drive time (there's often a spot just a block or two away)
  • Minimize disposal costs (no more than $20 per truck load, up to 20 yards)
  • Save time coordinating your drop (you don't need to call ahead or wait for someone to be home)
  • Eliminate managing your own list of drop sites
  • Simple map makes it easy to find a site nearby, and it's always up-to-date
  • Crew accounts allow your crew to find drop sites on their own, out in the field

Whether you operate a fleet of trucks, or you're an owner-operated, one-truck setup, ChipDrop can help reduce your disposal costs.

Since there's no monthly fee, buy-in, or obligation, you can try it out whenever you're in a pinch. Many of our customers only use ChipDrop a couple of times a year.

ChipDrop is great for when you're...

  • working late and the commercial dump sites are closed 😰
  • starting early and yesterday's crew forgot to empty the box 🤬
  • working out of town, or not close to your usual dump site
  • your usual dump site just started charging by the yard