About Chip Drop

About Chip Drop

founder bryan kappa with the crew from urban timber

After 2 years of hauling brush for a tree company, I decided to start Chip Drop to make it easier for gardeners to get wood chips from arborists.

As a gardener, you previously had to call every tree company in your city if you wanted a free pile of wood chips delivered to your home. As an arborist, you either had to pay to empty your truck at the dump, drive long distances to find a free dump spot, or both.

Now, with Chip Drop, arborists in the field can quickly look at a map on their phone to find dump spots for their chips. By filling out a simple form, gardeners can add their home to the same map, which all the tree companies in their city can see.

Chip Drop takes advantage of technology to help people in the real world, doing real work.

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