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We help gardeners get free wood chip mulch deliveries.

We also help arborists find cheap, local drop sites for their wood chips and logs.

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Free Woodchips
free woodchips for gardeners

free woodchips for gardenersFor Gardeners

Get free wood chips delivered to your house, school or community garden.

How it Works
free woodchip disposal for arborists

free woodchip disposal for arboristsFor Arborists

Find cheap places to get rid of your wood chips and logs close by.

How it Works

Watch this video to learn more about ChipDrop.

ChipDrop matches people who want free wood chip mulch with arborists and tree companies who are trying to get rid of it.

By signing up and placing a request you'll be added to a list of people in your neighborhood who are trying to get free wood chips.

The next time a local tree trimming company is in your area, they might deliver a load to you.

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